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Dogman is a popular book series for kids that tells the story of a half-man, half-dog police officer. The books are written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants. The series has been praised for its humor, relatable characters, and engaging plot. In this article, we will discuss all the Dogman books that have been released so far.

Dogman (Book 1)

The first book in the Dogman series was released in 2016. The book introduces the main character, Dogman, and his arch-nemesis, Petey the Cat. The plot revolves around Petey’s attempts to take down Dogman and the challenges that Dogman faces as a half-man, half-dog police officer.

Dogman Unleashed (Book 2)

Released in 2017, Dogman Unleashed follows the adventures of Dogman and his police partner, Officer Knight. The book also introduces a new villain, a robotic cat named 80-HD. The plot involves the trio trying to stop 80-HD from taking over the city.

Dogman: A Tale of Two Kitties (Book 3)

The third book in the series was released in 2017. This book focuses on the relationship between Dogman and two orphaned kittens, Little Petey and Big Petey. The plot involves the three of them trying to stop Petey the Cat from taking over the world.

Dogman and Cat Kid (Book 4)

Released in 2018, Dogman and Cat Kid explores the friendship between Dogman and a new character, a cat named Cat Kid. The book follows the pair as they work together to stop Petey the Cat and his army of robots.

Dogman: Lord of the Fleas (Book 5)

Lord of the Fleas, released in 2018, sees Dogman facing off against Fleas, a new villain who can control minds. The book also delves into Dogman’s backstory, revealing how he became half-dog and half-man.

Dogman: Brawl of the Wild (Book 6)

The sixth book in the series was released in 2019. In Brawl of the Wild, Dogman competes in a sled race against his nemesis, Petey the Cat. Along the way, he encounters various obstacles and challenges.

Dogman: For Whom the Ball Rolls (Book 7)

For Whom the Ball Rolls was released in 2019. This book focuses on Dogman’s relationship with his human companion, Li’l Petey. The plot involves Li’l Petey trying to teach Dogman how to be a good person (or dog, as the case may be).

Dogman: Fetch-22 (Book 8)

The most recent Dogman book, Fetch-22, was released in 2019. The book features a new villain, a robot called Cat-Bot. The plot involves Dogman and Cat Kid trying to stop Cat-Bot from taking over the world.


The Dogman series has become a beloved favorite among young readers. With engaging characters, humor, and exciting plots, these books are sure to entertain and inspire. Each book in the series is unique and offers something new to the overall story. So, if you haven’t read any Dogman books yet, what are you waiting for?


1. What age group is the Dogman series intended for?

The Dogman series is primarily targeted towards kids aged 7-12. However, the books can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

2. Is there a specific order in which to read the Dogman books?

While the books are interconnected, they can be read in any order. However, starting with the first book, Dogman, is recommended.

3. How many Dogman books are there in total?

As of 2021, there are 10 books in the Dogman series.

4. Will there be more Dogman books?

Yes, Dav Pilkey has confirmed that he plans to continue the Dogman series in the future.

5. What makes the Dogman series so popular?

The Dogman series has been praised for its relatable characters, engaging plots, and humor. The books also address important themes such as friendship, loyalty, and perseverance.