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For many people, dogs are more than just pets – they are family. As a result, dog owners in America have always been passionate about their furry friends, leading to the creation of various dog-related events, organizations, and shows. One such event is America’s Top Dog, a reality television competition series that showcases dogs and their handlers competing in various challenges to determine the best team.

History of America’s Top Dog

America’s Top Dog premiered on A&E network in January 2020, with six episodes in its first season. The show is hosted by sports analyst and journalist Curt Menefee, and is produced by Big Fish Entertainment, the same company behind popular reality shows such as “Live PD” and “Jersey Shore”. The series follows eight teams of K9 police officers and their trained dogs as they compete against civilian teams with their pet dogs.

The Format of America’s Top Dog

Each episode of America’s Top Dog features three rounds of challenges, each of which tests the dogs and their handlers in different ways. The first round is the K9 obstacle course, where the police dogs showcase their training by navigating through a series of obstacles such as tunnels, seesaws, and jumps. In the second round, the civilian dogs compete in an agility course that includes similar obstacles.

The final round of America’s Top Dog is a head-to-head competition, where one police dog and one civilian dog go against each other in an obstacle course that combines elements from the first two rounds. The winning team of each episode is determined based on the highest cumulative scores from all three rounds. At the end of the season, the winning team is awarded a cash prize of $25,000 and the title of America’s Top Dog.

What Makes America’s Top Dog Unique?

There are several factors that make America’s Top Dog stand out from other dog-related shows. For one, it combines two different types of dog handlers – K9 police officers and civilian pet owners. This not only showcases the skills of both types of teams but also highlights the different roles that dogs can play in society.

Additionally, the challenges in America’s Top Dog are designed to be more than just simple tasks for dogs to perform. The obstacle courses and agility courses test the physical and mental capabilities of both the dogs and their handlers, requiring quick thinking and strategic planning. The show also focuses on the bond between the dog and its handler, highlighting the trust and communication necessary for success in any challenge.

The Popularity of America’s Top Dog

Since its premiere, America’s Top Dog has garnered a significant following among dog owners and enthusiasts. Its unique format, exciting challenges, and heartwarming moments have made it a hit among audiences. Additionally, the show has been praised for showcasing the hard work and dedication of police dogs and their handlers, who often go unnoticed in society.

With its success, America’s Top Dog has already been renewed for a second season. The upcoming season is set to air in 2021 and will feature even more challenges and teams competing for the title of America’s Top Dog.


America’s Top Dog is more than just a competition show – it’s a celebration of the bond between dogs and their handlers, and the important role that dogs play in society. Its unique format, exciting challenges, and focus on the relationship between the dog and its handler have made it a hit among audiences, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. With the upcoming season, fans can look forward to even more heartwarming and exciting moments from America’s Top Dog.


1. Can any type of dog compete in America’s Top Dog?

Yes, the civilian teams can bring any breed of dog to compete in the show.

2. How are the dogs trained for the challenges in America’s Top Dog?

The K9 police dogs are trained for the obstacles by their police handlers, who work with them regularly in their line of duty. The civilian dogs are trained by their owners with the help of professional trainers.

3. Do the dogs have to be a certain age to compete?

Yes, all dogs must be at least one year old to participate in the show.

4. How are the judges selected for America’s Top Dog?

The judges are usually experienced K9 officers or professional dog trainers, who have the expertise to assess the skills and abilities of the dogs and their handlers.

5. How do I apply to be a part of America’s Top Dog?

You can visit the official A&E website to find out more about the application process for America’s Top Dog.