Animal Shelter Upland: A Safe Haven for Dogs in Need

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When it comes to adopting a dog, many pet owners consider getting their new furry friend from an animal shelter. Animal shelters offer a variety of dog breeds to choose from and provide a safe and healthy environment for them. In Upland, California, animal lovers can find one of the best shelters in the state – Animal Shelter Upland.

What is Animal Shelter Upland?

Animal Shelter Upland is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing shelter and care for homeless and abandoned animals in Upland and surrounding areas. They rescue dogs from various situations, including those who are neglected, abused, or surrendered by their owners. The shelter’s mission is to provide temporary housing, medical care, and rehabilitation to dogs until they find their forever homes.

Services and Programs Offered by Animal Shelter Upland

Animal Shelter Upland provides a variety of services and programs to ensure the wellbeing of the dogs in their care:


The shelter offers dogs of various breeds, ages, and sizes for adoption. They have a thorough adoption process to ensure that the dogs are placed in suitable homes with loving families.

Medical Care:

Animal Shelter Upland provides medical care and treatment to dogs who need it, including vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and other procedures necessary for their health.

Foster Care:

The shelter has a foster program that allows dogs to live in a home environment with a foster family. This program is especially helpful for dogs who have special needs or are recovering from medical procedures.

Educational Programs:

The shelter provides educational programs to teach pet owners how to care for their dogs properly. They also have a dog-training program that helps dogs become well-behaved and obedient.

The Benefits of Adopting a Dog from Animal Shelter Upland

Adopting a dog from Animal Shelter Upland comes with many benefits:

You’ll be Saving a Life:

Adopting a dog from a shelter saves a life. You’re giving a second chance to a dog that was neglected or abandoned.

You’ll be Supporting a Good Cause:

Animal Shelter Upland is a nonprofit organization. By adopting a dog from them, you’ll be supporting a good cause that helps homeless animals.

You’ll get a Healthy and Vaccinated Dog:

All dogs in the shelter are checked for medical issues and vaccinated before being put up for adoption.

You’ll have a Lifetime of Companionship:

Adopting a dog is a lifelong commitment. By adopting a dog from Animal Shelter Upland, you’ll have a companion for life.

The Process of Adopting a Dog from Animal Shelter Upland

If you’re interested in adopting a dog from Animal Shelter Upland, here’s the adoption process:

Step 1: Visit the Shelter

Visit Animal Shelter Upland to view the dogs available for adoption. The staff will be happy to show you around and provide information about each dog’s personality and background.

Step 2: Fill Out an Adoption Application

If you find a dog you want to adopt, fill out an adoption application. The shelter staff will review your application to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate for the dog.

Step 3: Meet and Greet with the Dog

After your application is approved, you’ll have a meet and greet with the dog to see if you’re compatible.

Step 4: Home Visit

The shelter staff will visit your home to ensure that it’s safe and suitable for the dog.

Step 5: Finalize Adoption

Once all steps are completed, you’ll finalize the adoption by paying the adoption fee and signing the adoption contract.


Animal Shelter Upland is a safe haven for dogs in need. They provide care, rehabilitation, and support to dogs until they find their forever homes. By adopting a dog from Animal Shelter Upland, you’re giving a second chance to a homeless animal and gaining a lifelong companion.


1. How much is the adoption fee at Animal Shelter Upland?

The adoption fee for a dog at Animal Shelter Upland is $150.

2. Do I need to make an appointment to visit the shelter?

No, appointments are not required. You can visit the shelter during their regular business hours.

3. Can I adopt a dog from Animal Shelter Upland if I live outside of Upland?

Yes, you can adopt a dog from Animal Shelter Upland if you live outside of Upland.

4. Does Animal Shelter Upland provide spaying and neutering services?

Yes, they provide spaying and neutering services for dogs in their care.

5. Can I donate to Animal Shelter Upland?

Yes, Animal Shelter Upland accepts donations. You can visit their website for more information on how to donate.